Digital transformations for political brands.

Why a politician need digital marketing 

  • Smart phone user in India 760 Million 
  • Facebook user in india 346.2
  • Instagram user in india Image result for instagram user in India -80590000
  • internet user in India in 2020 is 700 Million
  • online shopping user in India 330 Million

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Best Digital Marketing Techniques for Political/Election Campaign Management

A Website

A website is very helpful to you and the advantage of the website is the huge number of voters search for candidate names on Google. Through the website, traffic can be diverted from the search engine and Voters can get complete information about the candidate views on emerging political development & event gallery. And we can also track visitors’ information like age ,gender, location, other details.

Social Media Marketing

A Politicians should be active in all the popular social media networks now days its very important for a political leader because now all the people are using social media for their discussion as a political leader you can provide your continues update to all your voter and follower you can use facebook , Instagram, Twitter, YouTube .and lots of people not include whatsapp in social media category but now days its an addition everyone is using whatsapp we can connect with our voter by whatsapp if you are updated in social media you can post your continuous update and see the View of your competitor

Political Campaign Analytics

There are different types of analytics that can be used in political campaign management.
Social Media Analytics
Search Analytics
Web Analytics
SMS Analytics
Paid Campaign Analytics.

Data & Analytics give crucial insights into how the campaigns are working and how the voters are responding to the candidate views on various issues. We can get complete information about various dimensions of audience age, location, browser & content engagement rates.

Paid Campaign for Chunav prachar

Paid campaigns can be initiated in the following networks.
Google Display Campaigns
Youtube Campaigns
Facebook Campaigns
Instagram campaigns
Mobile App Campaigns
Location Based Targeting (Geo Fencing)
Remarketing / Retargeting
Email Campaigns
SMS Campaigns
Voice SMS Campaigns
Whatsapp Campaigns
publishing ads in specific news portals/app.


Influencing voters and putting the focus of masses towards you with well-planned digital marketing for political campaigns and data-driven strategies.


we make creative design

Social Media

we use social media to reach more people


Analytic report help us to reach more voter

Political Campaign Analytics

There are different types of analytics that can be used in political campaign management.

Search Analytics
Web Analytics
SMS Analytics
Paid Campaign Analytics.

How we succeed

We create strategy  to reach more voter and keep in touch with them by social media 

चाणक्य ने सफलता की महक को पाने के लिए असफलता के डर को भगाना बेहद आवश्यक बताया है. वो कहते हैं कि असफलता का डर हावी हो जाने के बाद मनुष्य कभी सफल नहीं हो सकता

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